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They were supposed to clean up the library, but they cleaned out all the books! Now it's up to you to help the librarian get them back in Book Stories. Build a research library as you make your way through Quest mode. Use your keen word building skills as the levels get increasingly difficult, and maybe you'll even win an award! Or, you can enjoy endless gameplay in Relaxing mode. Either way, start building today!
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By SDI September 27, 2010 - 3:05 pmJust a thought, but the devefsine backs are likely very gunshy given the huge plays they gave up last year. Even if they think they have the play read, it's probably difficult to be aggressive and jump routes and pick off or knock down passes, because they don't yet trust their instincts. I watched Earl Thomas pick off two Philip Rivers passes yesterday on deeper post patterns. He read the QBs eyes, broke on the ball at full speed and made the play. He didn't hesitate for a second. He of course has tons of ability, but I think NDs DBs have more ability than they are showing because they are playing scared still.Thumbs Up/Down: 0 0

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