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Travian is a building strategy game set in the period of classic antiquity. Gamers take the part of being chief of a village of either Romans, Gauls or Germans. Each nation has its own advantages and disadvantages. Right after registration, gamers start building their village up from only one main building and few fields for producing ressources. As soon as gamers have erected the first few basic buildings, interaction with other gamers becomes possible. There are alliances to forge, a market place for trading, and wars to be waged with the help of trained units.
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I don't see how Alodia would actually have the TIME to be good at games while jniglgug all her other stuff. (You know hosting, cosplay and all that jazz.) I know that I rarely find the time to play and I am not good at it. NOBODY is good without a lot of time and practice.I don't see the allure either in trying to create this gamer girl image. The last thing female players need is someone who basically downgrades them to unskilled booth babes.When she tries so hard to prove that she in fact plays videogames it's like she is insinuating that pretty (and smart) girls playing videogames are as rare as unicorns.Maybe I am just reading too much into it. I haven't actually read anywhere that she makes herself out to be that very good, it's just her fans always praising her for being able to hold a controller without dropping it. She is not really at fault.Now I'm going back to playing Gemini Rue, I suggest you try it!Well-loved.

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