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Three times the fun! Clear the table of cards with minimal shuffling of the stock in this exclamatory solitaire variation! Score points stacking cards within one value of the face-up stock card on top of that card. Keep an eye out for glowing bonus cards, and jokers; but, use your reshuffle cards wisely! Try a trying type of solitaire! Try TriPeakz!
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Thurhame, your moethd sounds similar to some academic paper I read recently, where the points degrade as you get further away from a direct victory. Except I think they used limit theory somehow, which was also intriguing to me since it moved the algorithm back away from that arbitrary choice of what numbers to use to weight teams.I just realized I have the same initials as Tim Tebow. That annoys me almost as much as his GB call sign meaning both Go Broncos and God Bless.

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