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Slingo Supreme

Slingo Supreme is the sequel to Slingo Deluxe that is packed with even more Slingtastic fun! It features a new and innovated Supreme mode that lets you build your own Slingo games. It also contains an infinite amount of Daily Challenges, new Powerups like Reel Nudge and Instant Slingos, and introduces the long awaited Devil Mini Games. Now you can finally take on that Devil and beat him at his own game!
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HOU: I agree 4th is prbbaoly too high for them, but that's where they are in my rankings too. Keeping their win over IND boosts them a lot. Assuming IND keeps winning like they tend to do though, it won't be long until that win gets looped away.KC: Food for thought On the very off chance that they win the Super Bowl this year, it will mean Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis will have won 3 consecutive Super Bowls where they served as O-Coord and D-Coord.ARI: There's no reason to be shocked at ARI's ranking. While the computer looks at ARI -> OAK -> STL -> WAS and sees ARI at the top, real people see wins over OAK and STL as not very impressive at all. If OAK ends up ARI's most impressive win, they won't stay high for long.NE: Don't worry, everyone here was worried about the defense. The BUF game just confirmed it. But to be fair, special teams giving up a kickoff return for a touchdown wasn't very good either.SEA: The jury is still out for these guys in my opinion. A win over SF doesn't mean anything. SD tends to start the season slow every year too. They'll prbbaoly just be this year's winner of the most pathetic division in professional sports.DEN: They tend to start out strong and fade as SD kicks it into overdrive. Looks like they're going to fade early this year. KC might get to take advantage if both teams struggle.DET: I feel bad for the city. Haven't the people there suffered enough? They're trying to be the Pittsburgh Pirates of football.

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